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 Strange Happenings

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PostSubject: Strange Happenings   Fri Jul 04, 2008 9:11 am

Strange Happenings

If you’ve lived as long as I have, eighteen years to be exact, then you must be aware of the fact that life favors a person one day and completely ignores them next. On the days in between, it’s prone to throwing unwanted and unneeded obstacles and surprises in your way. Actually, you could have lived for only fourteen years, or nine, or heck, even five minutes, and you’d still have to be aware of this fact. Life is unpredictable. Learn to expect the unexpected.

But, truthfully, I never really expected to be dragged away form my greatly needed, and well deserved, summer vacation of merely sitting around the house, reading books, which, according to my parents, would rot away my brain. Nor did I expect to be blackmailed (yes, blackmailed, by my own parents. What is this world coming to?) into spending five hours in a suffocating van, with four annoying adolescents, and then, be stuffed in a boat, which smelled strongly of fish, and something else I’d rather not think about. Our destination: the Bermuda Triangle. (or as close to it as we could get with out cheap rented boat)

I’d resigned myself to spending the next six hours puking my guts out for the fish, while my siblings had the time of their lives. It was just when I thought the day could not get any worse that it did. The formerly clear blue sky was suddenly replaced with looming black clouds, bringing forth the inevitable storm. My first thought, as I was thrown from the rocking boat and into the dangerous waves was Why me? The second was Boy, I really wish I knew how to swim right now.

When I awoke, perhaps hours, or even days, later, I had expected to see the familiar off-white walls of my room, indicating that the whole experience had been a nightmare. Even waking up in a sickly sweet smelling hospital bed would have been preferable to the predicament in which I found myself upon awakening. At least in a hospital, I had some hopes of surviving.

But no, a hospital bed would be too cliché, too boring, life decided for me (without bothering to ask for my opinion). I just had to wake up, alone, half buried in sand, on a desert island, about three quarters the size of a coconut tree leaf, according to the leaf on which I was currently laying near.

Ok, if you woke up to find yourself the size of a flea (alright, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, so what? I‘m mini), you’d probably lose your head and panic right? So don’t hold the fact that I completely lost it against me. After I managed to compose myself long enough to actually be aware of my surroundings, I became aware of exactly how hot it was. The sand was hot enough to cook fish on, and the fact that it was the middle of summer didn’t help either. I had to get out of the sun before I turned into a mini-well-cooked-human.

I got up on shaky knees, intending to head for the nearest trees for cover, only to discover that I was miles away from the nearest tree. One’s perspective of distance changes greatly with size apparently. It should have only been a couple dozen feet, perhaps, but it seemed like over a dozen football fields.

Discarding that plan and wiping sweat from my forehead, I scanned the surrounding area looking for something, anything, that would help me. Maybe a village of other mini people? But instead of a village that promised salivation, my eyes fell on a large empty plastic cup on its side, with just enough sand in it to ensure that it wouldn’t bow to the wind’s will.

The first thought that went through my mind was, would it kill people to just take an extra few minutes out of their lives to recycle? Then, I realized the benefits of that cup. I could use it to hide from the sun! Amazed with my own brilliance (hey, you try thinking up a plan while being cooked alive), I stumbled over to the cup, which was perhaps a dozen feet to my right, thankful for once in my life for people to lazy to recycle.

It was then that I realized that the cup was already occupied. A scream tore from my lips as I turned tail and ran like the wind. I had found a grasshopper in the cup. A giant menacing hungry grasshopper! Regular sized grasshoppers where enough to give me the creeps, but a super-sized one was enough to send me running for my life in near hysterics.

It took me several minutes to realize that the grasshopper wasn’t following me. I successfully stopped my self from running any further by tripping and falling face first into the sand. Wiping my face and spitting out sand that had found its way into my mouth, I sat up and stared at the cup, waiting to be attacked by a mutant grasshopper.

Several more minutes passed and there was no movement from the cup. I took a few steps closer. Nothing happened. Another step, and I was still alive. But, I didn’t want to go any closer and see that horrible bug again, so I stopped (actually, my knees were shaking so hard by the that I couldn’t even get closer if I wanted to).

There as a pile of rocks close to where I had fallen, some larger than skyscrapers, others small enough to fit into my hands. I picked up one of the few small rocks weighed it in my hands, and considered throwing it at the cup, to scare out the grasshopper. I needed that cup, more that that evil insect (don’t ask what I have against grasshoppers, it’s better for your sleep that you just let me continue hating them).

Deciding to risk it, I reached back and threw the rock, putting as much force into the throw as I possibly could. The rock hit the cup, near the entrance, with a sound thump that could easily be heard from where I was standing.

The grasshopper shot out, startling me so much that I fell backwards into the sand. For one horrifying second, I thought that it would come after me. Then it changed directions and ran away from me instead (makes sense, run away from the girl throwing rocks at you).

I simply sat in the sand for a moment, a bit surprised that my plan had worked on the first try. Plus, I wasn’t too keen on returning to the cup so quickly, considering what I had found on my first visit there. I was pretty sure I had only seen one grasshopper in the cup, but it was possible that there were some smaller ones, hidden behind the one I saw. But if there were more, wouldn’t they have run as well?

Now that I wasn’t terrified out of my mind, I was aware again of the horrible heat. I had to risk it, or faint from dehydration. Picking myself up and brushing off the sand from my now ruined clothes, I walked cautiously back to the cup. When I reached the edge, I mustered up my courage, and peaked inside, ready to pull back at the first sign of danger.

My eyes were met with the welcome sight of an empty cup. Yes! I jumped inside, out of the wrath of the blazing sun. There was already a nest in the center of the cup, probably made by the previous inhabitant of the cup. I threw myself on to the nest, too exhausted to care that it was a grasshopper’s nest.

It had been an tiring day. It wasn’t everyday that one went on a innocent boat trip, and ended up tiny. I wasn’t sure how I had shrunken, but I had the awful feeling that the Bermuda Triangle had something to do with it. Maybe all of the people who had vanished in that cursed place had ended up here, tiny and lost.

But that would been that there were more people on the island! Resolving to go searching for more victims of fate, I closed my eyes, and fell into a well-deserved sleep.
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Strange Happenings
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